A thinspo blog with posts about how I am achieving my UGW and pictures that inspire & motivate me. I have lost 25 pounds so far, but I will not stop till I reach the body I've been dreaming about.

Workout 02/13/2012

On the 13th I did a Stair Master workout:

Calories 704.6

Time: 63 minutes 4 seconds

Workout 02/12/2012

On the 12th, I went for a run: (10 minute warm-up, 52 minutes running, 2 minute cool down).

Time: 1 hour 5 minutes  -  Calories: 676.5  -  6.32 miles

Workout 02/11/2012

This is from the 11th:  I guess I was on a StairMaster kick …

Calories: 671.5

Time:  62 minutes